Our Brand

Modest Barbie was founded by an Arab – American woman who struggled to find stylish modest wear. She decided to design her own modest collection in 2018 Modest Barbie was born.

We at Modest Barbie aims to cater for women who struggle to find modest wear or want to look incredible for all special occasion. Our designs are for every woman that wish to look good and still be covered, whether that is due to beliefs or personal choice or simply because that’s their style of dressing. Our brand is to help those wanting to dress modestly on whichever level they are on and find edgy and classy clothing without having to layer by designing clothing with higher necklines, longer hemlines and longer sleeves.

We ensure all our products are made from the highest quality fabrics. Our customers are important to us, and we work hard every day to serve them better.  From the time you visit our website or store to the time a product is delivered to you, we endeavour to provide an exceptional shopping experience.